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Are the modules easy to set up? Do I need any specific skills or tools?

You will need either a small crane or a forklift with at least 2m long forks. We deliver detailed PDF manuals but also video manuals on how to assemble the modules so you shall not worry. The bathroom and the kitchen both come as a one-piece element so you just place them on a deck, you connect the outlets and it works. Of course, in case of any questions, we are here to help.

What is included in the modules?

The modules are fully equipped. The bathroom comes with all the interior elements, like a sink, a toilet, a shower, a waterflow heater etc. The kitchen, depending on the destination, comes with a sink, a fridge and induction hot plates (EU) or with a sink (US) with the cabinet dedicated for a mini-fridge. The detailed specification will be delivered by your Sales Representative so feel free to reach out to us for more info.

How does the connection setup looks like (pipes, cables, boxes)?

The modules have all the outlets ready: water, sewage, ventilation and electricity cable. It is just enough to lead the pipes and the wire under the deck/in the concrete slab (or any other base type that is applied) and let them out in the place where you want to set up the modules in your accommodation. Then you just click the pipes together and that’s it. Remember that you would need a certified plumber and electrician to connect the module and sign it. Due to safety reasons.

What power supply/voltage is required to connect the modules? Does it have a battery or power generator?

The modules can be connected to solar, generator or electrical lines depending on what is available on the site.

Does it have a water tank?

No, it doesn’t. You can connect the bathroom/kitchen to a water tank. You can also connect it to the available municipal network or install a suction pump with a water filtering system.

Does it have a compost toilet?

No, it doesn’t. As far as sewage is concerned, one option is a sewage tank that is installed for each accommodation separately. This option requires somebody coming once in a while to take the sewage away. Alternatively you may go with a Household Sewage Treatment Plant. This one requires only chemicals that you put inside and the sewage dissolves.

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